Over Reliance Test

Using a SABA inhaler 3 or more times a week is an indicator of increased risk of asthma attacks.

Using your Blue Reliever Inhaler 3 or more times a week for your asthma might mean you are relying on it too much.1,3,4

This could be a sign that your asthma is not well controlled, putting you at increased risk of an asthma attack.1,3,4

Take the test


Take this short test to see if you are one of the many people who rely too much on their Blue Reliever Inhaler.1,2

Below are things other people have said about their Blue Reliever Inhaler.
Please click on the button that best represents how much you agree, or disagree with each statement.
There are no right or wrong answers. We are interested in your views.


You can discuss your results with your healthcare professional to see if there’s another treatment approach for you.



The Reliever Reliance Test is adapted from the validated and globally used Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire6 and has been developed by leading expert in behavioural medicine, Professor Rob Horne, with colleagues from the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG). It was fully funded by AstraZeneca UK Limited. The Asthma Right Care initiative is a global movement led by the IPCRG funded by AstraZeneca globally.


This is not medical advice DO NOT stop or change your asthma medication without consulting your healthcare professional. It is important to continue to take your Blue Reliever Inhaler as directed by your healthcare professional, including during any worsening of your asthma or p rior to exercise.


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